Monday, March 20, 2006


A tableau of fantasy and science fiction stories
* a modern approach to vivid storytelling
* easy to read
* with compelling logic
* sci-fi and fantasy stories with a touch of culture
* hilarious drama with factual situations
* Out of this world plots

Check the stories menu on the left panel. Some of the stories have been published in major Philippine magazines. Some of the stories are winners in writing contests. And some of the stories are future blockbusters in books to come. Read it first here at Fantascific Zone.

This website is aimed to propel Philippine literature to an aggressive direction in an attempt to save it from the claws of oblivion. This is a pioneering effort to declare the modern literary style preferred by modern readers. Literary institutions in the Philippines are only too proud of their old school style which is appreciated by only a handful of readers. Help us waken the pillars of Philippine literature. Help us to show them we want a radical change in literary style by contributing your writings to this website. But best of all, do your share by continually visiting this site.

Join the legions of our readers by visiting this site regularly for the regular updates. Let us propagate the new Philippine literature by spreading this website to your email friends. A bit of help is a lot of help.

Facilitated and edited by Sonny Grenada III
Contributions can be emailed to

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